Saturday, 13 June 2009

Happy anniversary♥

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may our friendship last long forever :)
i love you guys saranghae ♥

Saturday, 30 May 2009

crazieehhhh.... kim lee sung

aisy' we're so so sorry. and yupe, we understand :)
we just miss you a lot. it's been long kamu not around us. but u still care bout us
it's okay now :)
wafaa' welcome back. we miss you a lot sister :). as long as you care about us that's important :). stick together as always. at all we are not pressuring kamu to be with us as long as you guys happy saja :). and i and them don't wanna lose our bestbestestfriends :)arachi. saranghae.

anyway i've got a story which i can't post arah mine's blog as well di sini sal people might read and i'm scared. cause i've kept it as a secret, and kamu-kamu saja yang tahu atu that's my bestfriend
sorry feeq, selasa tah ku gtau. :D at all i'm crazieeehhhh

eih tunggu, we have our own korean's name :D lawa. (Y)
emma- kim lee sung
fiqie- feeq bum
neerel- faa hyuk

we love suju <3

Friday, 29 May 2009

aisyah :)

I didn't mean to avoid all of you.
It's just, I don't want to spend my life in school just to be with you guys.
I want to be with all my friends, it doesn't mean that I hate all of you guys.
I need some space and I hope you guys can understand that.
From: Aisyah :)

Monday, 25 May 2009

i just wanna ask u guys something
esp for Wafaa and aisy'
why are u guys avoiding us?
what's wrong?
apa salah kami until kamu avoid kami.

Saturday, 23 May 2009

no one.

There's no one PERMANENT keluar from our group
we are not gonna fall into pieces. Nad, if kau keluar aku pun keluar, that will not make us happier paham kau =<. Just stay with us. it will make me hurt more. just stay
please, again where are the promise we made together last year?
god. just don't go . just don't .

come back guys

dieya here.
to aisyah i know u hate me, but please come back 2 dfc, come back 2 us..If ko nda mau dgn dfc psl aku, aku rela kluar dri dfc.. asal kn durg fiqah n kimah hapy..pls aisyah :'(
to wafaa knp ko nda mau dgn kmi lg? why? ko lbh hpy dgn ur new fren ka? p pls waf come back 2 us... :'(

Friday, 22 May 2009


fiqah sudah buat the post now it's my turn -HAKEEMAH-

OMG!!!! i was like kan cry masa baca post yang si piqah buat cause for me my friends are everything to me =(. but now my best friends are falling apart. even the one that seklas with me now , she's barely talks to me . imy. OMG!!! and now i'm crying
i can't take it anymore. i just wish the five of us back together that's it
i'm just mad because our friendship relation. i want the old US seriously i mean it
i miss the moment we laugh, fight and jokes together. you guys are special for me.
and this the blog are specially made for the dfc, but the one yang selalu upload post is me and fiqah. our dfc were not even 1 years old sudahtya lari ke sana sini.our anniversary inda batah lagi. guys please comeback to us
we all miss you. where are the promise that we made together????? i'm begging you guys please do comeback. and now tears are falling down on my face.